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All LED belt buckles include 4 batteries and a genuine black leather belt at no extra charge with a black belt and 4 batteries, Our LED's scroll in different speeds and different directions too. . You can program them to say anything you want Wholesale price Led scrolling Digital electronic belt buckle, starts at $ 24.99, digital belt buckle, electronic belt buckle, led display You can program your message up with a few button Instructions and batteries are included without belt. Programmable LED Belt Buckles can store 6 messages and has several control options. Program in a few messages for the event and rotate through them all. other manufacturers of LED Belt Buckles have different operational instructions. The Scrolling LED Belt Buckle II has 147 colored LEDs surrounded by a chrome frame Comes with user manual; Dimensions: 3.5" x 1.8"; LED choices: Blue28 Sep 2017 LED belt buckles allow you to adjust the speed, luminance and display on the LED belt buckle screen. Turn on the LED belt buckle. With your finger, push the "Power" button located on the back of the belt buckle. Press the "Menu" button to proceed to the main menu screen. Black leather look-alike belt with LED buckle relevant program, e.g. LUM, the P-U and P-D keys will help you to change the level of brightness. 3. 1 This instruction manual provides information for safe use of the Scrolling LED Belt Buckle. 5 Feb 2012 Scrolling Text LED Belt Buckles, you can get your message out there bright and clear! This amazingly Program Your Own Light Up Message! - Displays 22 Oct 2009 Are the rear seat belt buckles on a 95 yj connected as a single unit. Use this manual as part of a user safety training program that is in accordance with depart.

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